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Tarbuja Seeds | Watermelon seeds

Tarbuja Seeds | Watermelon seeds

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Use these watermelon seeds in sweet dishes like boondi ladoo, roast them for use as a mouth freshener, soak them in lukewarm water and grind them into a paste for use in gravies and other dishes.

Vegetarian; Shelf Life: 12 Months; Product Quantity: 1 kilogramme Standing Pouch.
Watermelon Seeds (Tarbooj beej magaj) fully cleaned; kind of container: pouch pack for added freshness; ready for use.

Your daily need for protein can easily be satisfied by eating watermelon seeds. This snack's protein supplies a variety of amino acids.

Easily accessible sources of both soluble and insoluble fibre are watermelon seeds.

They are in charge of transforming food into energy.

The immune system is supported by B-complex vitamins as well.

Watermelon seeds/ Tarbuja majaz

The watermelon seeds we can find throughout the year greatly benefit our well-being. Watermelon seeds are an excellent source of magnesium, protein, zinc, and other nutrients.

Tarbuja Seeds Online

When eating watermelon, if we swallow the seeds by accident, there is no harm in eating them in addition to the fruit, as they're easy to digest and entirely safe. One hundred grams of watermelon seeds contain 600 calories.


It's the same amount as the equivalent of 10 bread slices. The seeds of watermelon aid in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels while reducing cholesterol in the blood and stimulating hair growth.

Consume Watermelon seeds during pregnancy 

The seeds of watermelon are suitably consumed during pregnancy. They will also supply numerous nutrients that are required during pregnancy. Before swallowing the seeds, you must chew them up first. One great way to incorporate watermelon seeds into your daily diet is to put them in smoothie bowls or salads to give an extra crunch.

The watermelon seeds are loaded with zinc, magnesium, and protein. They also contain calories, etc. The sprouted seeds assist in cleansing your skin because they are rich in vitamin C. Watermelon seeds are great to snack foods. They aid in improving the immune system. You can also eat raw watermelon seeds, which are safe for your health. Buy the best quality watermelon seeds from farmonics. Farmonics provides all types of groceries, like ahar dal, pumpkin seeds, haldi, akroat, badam, etc., at your doorstep in just a few simple steps. Order online the premium seeds of watermelon from Farmonics.

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