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Farmonics Special Offer: Buy 1kg Guad and Get 250g Guad Free

Farmonics Special Offer: Buy 1kg Guad and Get 250g Guad Free

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Farmonics is excited to announce a fantastic limited-time offer on our premium guad! When you purchase one pack of our high-quality jaggery sugar, you will receive an additional pack absolutely free. This special promotion is our way of introducing you to the exceptional quality and health benefits of Farmonics' products while helping you maximise your grocery budget.

Gur Sugar is a nutrient-rich and versatile ingredient, perfect for a health-conscious diet. It is packed with plant-based protein, essential for muscle repair and overall body function. The high fiber content aids digestion, promotes a healthy gut, and helps maintain regular bowel movements. Additionally, guad is loaded with vital vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, which are crucial for maintaining overall health. One of the standout features of black jaggery is its low glycemic index, making it ideal for those managing blood sugar levels, as it provides sustained energy without causing spikes.

At Farmonics, we are committed to sustainable and organic farming practices. Our Pure Jaggery is grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilisers, ensuring you receive the purest, most natural product possible. We prioritise environmental preservation while providing nutritious, high-quality food.

Guad's versatility makes it a favourite in many kitchens. Add it to hearty soups and stews for a nutritious boost, enhance your salads with cooked gud for added texture and protein, mix it into breakfast bowls with fruits, nuts, and yogurt, or use guad flour in gluten-free baking recipes.

Take advantage of this incredible buy one, get one free offer and elevate your diet with Farmonics sugarcane guad. Visit our website or your nearest Farmonics store to make your purchase. Don't miss out—this limited-time offer won’t last long. Experience the difference of farm-fresh quality with Farmonics, where quality meets nutrition. Enjoy the natural goodness and superior quality of our products today!


Introducing Farmonics latest addition to its repertoire of wholesome superfoods: Guad, also known as buckwheat groats. Brimming with essential nutrients and cultivated with care, Farmonics Best Guad promises to redefine your culinary experience while nurturing your well-being.Fresh Guad is a nutritional powerhouse, boasting high levels of plant-based protein for muscle repair and growth, alongside fiber for digestive health and weight management. Enriched with vital vitamins and minerals like iron, magnesium, and B vitamins, Pure Gur fuels your body with sustained energy and overall vitality. Farmonics ensures sustainability and purity by cultivating Guad through organic farming practices, free from synthetic pesticides and fertilisers, thus preserving the planet's precious resources. Guad's versatility knows no bounds in the kitchen, seamlessly blending into soups, salads, breakfast bowls, and baked goods, imparting a delightful nutty flavour and nutritional boost to every dish. To celebrate the debut of Farmonics good quality jaggery , we're thrilled to offer a limited-time promotion: buy one pack and receive another free! This exclusive offer invites you to explore the goodness of Guad and discover the Farmonics difference. Embrace a healthier lifestyle with Farmonics mini jaggery, where quality meets nutrition, and excellence awaits in every culinary creation.


Limited-Time Offer: Buy One, Get One Free:

To celebrate the launch of Farmonics Guad, we're thrilled to offer an exclusive promotion: buy one pack of Guad and receive another pack absolutely free! This limited-time offer is our way of inviting you to experience the goodness of Guad and discover the Farmonics difference.

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