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It is said that “health is the relationship between you and your body”. The food we consume acts like a middleman between us and our bodies, and hence the type of food we eat will improve our health or worsen it. One of the ways in which we can improve our health is by adding Akroat or walnuts to our daily diet. To say Akroat is a healthy food is an understatement. They are so nourishing that scientists have been gathering together every year for the last 50 years to discuss the latest research and discovery on the benefits of Akroat. We at Farmonics provide the best quality walnuts online.

Walnuts contain potassium, iron, and vital omega-3 are abundant.

Akroat contains high protein, dietary fiber, gluten-free, GMO-free, trans-fat-free, and cholesterol-free

The best companion for the heart enhances cardiovascular health and reduces bad cholesterol

Complete brain food that boosts defense mechanisms and mental wellbeing

100% natural nuts are healthy for an active lifestyle and make the ideal snack.

Reduces risk for heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, high BP, and obesity. High in antioxidants. Slows the aging process.

Low salt and calorie nuts are perfect for weight watchers.

Get the best quality walnuts online from Farmonics

Benefits of Akroat

These are the scientific-based health benefits of walnuts:

  • Walnut is a good source of Omega-3

They contain the highest quantity of omega-3 as compared to any other nut, that is 2.5 grams of Omega-3 for 28 grams of walnut. Many medical researchers suggest that a person must consume at least 1.6 grams of Omega-3 every day, which in turn lowers the risk of diabetes.

  • Akroat contains a high amount of antioxidants

A recent study shows that regular consumption of Akroat reduces bad cholesterol, which in turn helps prevent atherosclerosis (deposition of fatty materials in the inner walls of the arteries).

  • Walnuts help control weight

Although walnuts are rich in calories, their energy absorption from the walnut is much higher. A study was conducted by scientists on 10 overweight individuals, who were instructed to drink 48 grams of walnut smoothie every day for 5 days, and the result showed that those who had the walnut smoothie had a lower craving for food as compared to those who had a similar smoothie but without the walnut. Take your first step to good health by ordering your very own Walnuts online at Farmonics.

 Best way to take Akroat

Adding best quality of walnut is one of the best ways to add crunch and at the same time add nutrition to your diet, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

  • Akroat ka halwa

This dish is made out of ground walnut, milk, elaichi 9mm and sugar. This is similar to any other recipe for dry fruit halwa. This can be eaten as a dessert on any occasion. Garnish it with dry dates , coconut powder  and few nuts such as almond gurbandi  , premium quality cashew .

  • Walnut fudge

Everyone enjoys the delicious taste of fudge, both children and the elderly too. Why not add a bit of nutrition of walnut in the mix, everyone will be drawn to the rich and delicious flavour of walnut fudge. Buy your own Akroat online at the best price and cook your own recipe of walnuts at home for your family and friends.

You can check the walnut price from Farmonics. A website which is offering the best quality of akhroat at competitive rates.

 Uses of Akroat 

Akroat is full of nutrition and consuming it regularly will boost our health in the long run, as they are rich in oil, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals. Hence walnuts play a leading role in the food industry to make many new food products.

  • Akroat used in the cereal industry

Cereals used for breakfast have seen significant growth in the following years, but slowly as people are getting more health-conscious, industries are replacing artificial ingredients with Akroat from their cereals with healthier and more fulfilling options.

  • Akroat is used in the baked food industry

For a long time, walnuts have been used as an ingredient in sweets and other pastries. However, recent innovation has made walnuts into a versatile ingredient and has become a common ingredient in bread, cookies, and other sugar-free diets. So go ahead and buy your very own Walnut online at Farmonics at a reasonable price.

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