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Best Quality Kaju

Best Quality Kaju

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The "King of Cashews" is Originals W-210. Due to their huge size and high price, they have a deliciously sweet, buttery flavour by nature.

Cashews grow inside the cashew fruit, also known as a drupe, cashews are botanically classed as seeds.

Structure-wise, cashews resemble legumes like peanuts. But because of how they develop, they are not regarded as belonging to the family of legumes.

Kaju has many of the same morphological and nutritional features as actual nuts, cashews are typically categorised as nuts.

To satisfy fssai food safety standards, all Originals Dry Fruits are hygienically packaged and put through arduous laboratory testing.

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A person once said, ‚ÄúHealthy eating is a way of life, so it‚Äôs important to establish a routine that is simple, realistic, and liveable‚ÄĚ. Kaju or Cashews can be included in your routine as a part of your healthy eating. Kaju is grown in a tropical climate, under a small cashew apple which comes in red or yellow in colour. Sometimes cashews are referred to as nuts, but they are not true nuts as they do not come from a single seed, and their hard-shell splits open after reaching maturity. Cashews originated from South America and were exported to different countries in the 16th century, today major exporters of Kaju include India, Nigeria, and Vietnam. We at Farmonics provide the best Kaju at a reasonable price online.

 Types of Cashew

When it comes to food, different people like to eat or prefer different types of food. In today's world, we are very fortunate to enjoy different varieties of food, and in a similar way, we can also enjoy different types of cashew.

White whole Kaju

Also, known by their designation W180, are widely used in food as they are a good source of energy and also rich in taste. Another variety of whole white cashew is W450 which is one of the smallest and the most affordable cashews.

Scorched or roasted whole Kaju

These Kaju’s are light brown in colour as they are roasted for a longer time. Despite being roasted for a longer time, these Kaju contain the same nutritional benefits as white Kajus and have an added roasted flavour, which makes them a good addition to pastries and other healthy snacks. We at Farmonics provide the roasted kaju at the best price.    

White cashew pieces

These Kaju come in bits and pieces, that is 2 pieces and 4 pieces, these types are widely used in the kitchen as an ingredient and are less expensive as compared to other varieties of cashews. Buy your own 2 pieces of Kaju and 4 pieces of Kaju online.

Dessert Kaju

These Kaju’s have a very dark colour with black spots and sometimes come in deep blue colour. Go ahead and buy your own preferred variety of KajuOnline now at Farmonics.

 Benefits of Kaju 

Kaju is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients and minerals.

 Calories and fats

Cashew contains a significant number of calories and fat and hence those who are conscious about losing weight should consume less amount of Kaju.

 Protein and fibre

Cashews contain a significant amount of protein and fibre which prevents hunger and aids in weight loss.


They contain a high amount of unsaturated fats which prevents ailments related to the heart and premature deaths.


Cashews contain the highest percentage of copper as compared to other minerals, which helps boost energy, immunity, and brain process. 

Manganese and magnesium

The Manganese and Magnesium content in the Kaju helps to strengthen our bones.


This helps improve the immune system in our body. Zinc also heals wounds and injuries.


Just like manganese and magnesium, phosphorus also helps in the strengthening and formation of our bones. Apart from this phosphorus also aids in repairing and maintaining cell tissues.


This mineral helps produce haemoglobin which helps to transport oxygen in our blood cells from our lungs to different parts of our body including our muscles.


It helps to transform food into energy in our body and also helps to metabolize protein and fats in our body.


They help our thyroid hormones by reproducing and aiding them through our metabolism. Selenium also safeguards our body from cell damage and DNA deterioration. 

Vitamin K

This helps us to heal faster from our injuries like bleeding as they aid in blood clotting.

Vitamin B6

This is also called pyridoxine which boosts our immune system, and nervous system, and also aids in the development of the brain. Take the first step toward good health and buy your Cashew online at Farmonics at the best price. 

Best ways to take Kaju 

Kajus is a multipurpose ingredient with the application of sweet, buttery, and crunchy flavours.

Kaju roast

They are rich in protein and can be roasted with rosemary, brown sugar, salt, and sweet and spicy seasoning.

Kaju butter

We have all known or heard of peanut butter and know about its nutrients. Cashews can be used as a worthwhile replacement for peanuts as Kaju also contains a lot of nutrients, and can be made at home without adding any sweeteners.  

Kaju can be added to fried rice

Cashew is available in 2 pieces and 4 pieces or chopped can also be added to fried ice adding to the delicious texture of the fried rice. We at Farmonics sell four-piece and four-piece Kaju at the best price.

Kaju in Korma

Grinded Kaju can be added as the base for the sauce and creamy flavour of the korma, which can be used as a stew for various kinds of vegetables and meats. Go ahead and cook your own recipe of Cashew by ordering your very own Kaju online at Farmonics.

   Uses of Kaju 

Cashew nuts are rich in oil which is dark yellow in colour and once extracted the oil can be used for cooking and as a dressing on a salad. Apart from using its oil, rejected cashew nuts which cannot be consumed by humans, can be used to feed pets like love birds and parrots. Buy Cashew online at Farmonics.

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