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Best Quality Kaju

Best Quality Kaju

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A person named Bethenny Frankel once said “Your diet is a bank account Good food choices are good investments” Cashew nut (Kaju) is indigenous to Brazil and was first introduced in India in the state of Goa around 200 years ago, and today has made India one the largest producer of cashew worldwide. Cashews are very popular and for a good reason, they are an enjoyable snack and very nutritious, rich in flavor, and have a great shelf life. We at Farmonics provide the best quality Cashew nuts online.

Types of Cashews

If you have consumed the best Kaju daily, you might have noticed that not all cashews look the same and many people don’t realise that there are 33 different grades of Kaju. We at Farmonics have put together some of the different types of Kaju.

 Following are the different acronyms for Kaju

W-180 King of all Kaju

W180 grade of cashew is also called the King of all Cashews and the highest standard because they are the largest, the costliest, and the most loved among all the cashews. This grade of cashew is the most delicious and healthiest among all cashews as they contain less cholesterol.

W-210 Jambu Kaju

This cashew is smaller than W-180 but still large in size and expensive, they are also known as Jambo size Kaju. They are a good source of protein and minerals like copper, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and potassium and contain no cholesterol. Buy the best quality Jumbo Kaju online at a reasonable price at Farmonics.

W-240 Mid-Grade Kaju or Premium Large Kaju

W240 are middle-grade Kaju which come in standard size. This Cashew is not the star of the show but they are widely used with mixed nuts. The cost of this cashew is more reasonable in price as compared to W-180 and W-210. You can have these cashews with fruits, salad, and oatmeal. These cashews help to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. They contain vitamins and minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin K.  

W-450 Standard Kaju

This Kaju is the smallest and the most inexpensive among all the cashews and hence the favourite because of its low price. If you want cashews at a reasonable price, buy cashew nuts online at Farmonics.

Benefits of Kaju

Kaju is one of the most nutritious nuts, they are rich in unsaturated fats which reduces heart disease, and they are rich in fibre and contain the same amount of proteins as cooked meat. Cashews contain a significant amount of copper which aids in brain development and improves immunity. But it must be only consumed moderately as it contains high calories. 

Kaju Can Help Controls weight

Kaju consumed in moderation can help reduce cravings as it is rich in fiber and proteins, it is highly recommended that roasting or grinding Kaju which helps to absorb all the calories by your body.

Kaju Helps Reduce Heart Diseases

Kaju is rich in antioxidants like polyphenols which are beneficial for the cardiovascular process. Studies were conducted on people with type 2 diabetes who consumed a moderate amount of cashew daily, had lowered their LDL (bad cholesterol), and increased their HDL (good cholesterol) as compared to those who had no cashews in their diet.

Kaju Helps Prevents Diabetes

Compared to other snacks Kaju is low in carbohydrates which helps reduce its impact on blood sugar. They are rich in fiber and nutrients which helps prevent spikes in blood sugar. It is recommended to have only 3 or 4 Kaju’s per day because they contain high calories.

Best ways to take Cashew


Cashew nuts are surprisingly versatile which makes them a desired ingredient in different dishes all over the world. Here are the best ways to begin eating cashews.  

Soak the Cashews

If Cashews are soaked for at least four hours it becomes easier for your body to digest and break down phytic acid which prevents the body from absorbing the nutrients.    


Cashew nuts can be used in desserts as an ingredient or a topping for ice cream. They can be added to milk chocolate or butter. You can coat it with chocolate which makes it a perfect sweet treat.

Salads and Stir-fry

Cashews make great additions as they don’t overpower the main dish and give it a delicious crunch. If added in the last few during a stir-fry and mixed with sauce, the cashew still retains its crunch. Go ahead and order your Kaju online Farmonics website and prepare your own cashew dishes today.  

Uses of kaju

 Kaju is commonly used for eating, but can also be used as a medicine for gastrointestinal alignment, skin problems, and other ailments. It can also be ground and applied directly to the skin for stimulation to seal corn, warts, and ulcers as cashews contain some chemicals that will work against certain bacteria. So, what are you waiting for, buy cashew online and have it delivered to your home, order now at Farmonics!

Kaju Recipe:

Make an unique dish with our best quality kaju i.e.,

Creamy Cashew Pesto Recipe -  Take Fresh basils leaves, raw cashews, grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, cloves, extra-virgin olive oil, Juice of 1 lemon, Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste.


  1. Trusted Brand: Farmonics is known for its commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction, ensuring you receive the best cashews for your culinary needs.
  2. Freshness: Farmonics Best Quality Kaju is carefully selected and packaged to preserve its freshness, natural goodness, and premium quality.
  3. Gluten-Free and Vegan: Suitable for a variety of dietary preferences, including gluten-free and vegan diets, providing a delicious and nutritious snacking option for everyone.
  4. Superior Taste: Farmonics Best Quality Kaju offers a rich, creamy, and buttery taste that is unmatched, making it a delightful addition to your meals and snacks.
  5. Health Benefits: Cashews are known to have numerous health benefits, including supporting heart health, boosting immunity, and promoting healthy skin and hair.

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