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Premium Quality Kishmish

Premium Quality Kishmish

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Regular-sized Farmonics raisins have a pleasant, fruity flavor and a soft, chewy texture.

Cleanly packaged in a facility that complies with food safety regulations
In a polybag, fresh raisins are packaged.

The highest industry standards are rigorously checked against our products to ensure quality.
encased in food-safe packaging

After opening, keep it in a cool, dry location in an airtight container; ideally, place it in the refrigerator.

Green raisins without seeds are nature's version of tasty candies and a better option than candy and other sweets that are high in sugar.

All of these raisins have been organically dried, and they are packaged in a sealed pouch to preserve their flavor and deliciousness. a nutritious way to indulge your sweet tooth.

Naturally occurring antioxidants, potassium, and fiber in raisins are good for your general health. It enhances the immune system, lowers acidity, and aids with digestion.

These nutrient-dense, high-energy, and low-fat foods not only keep you healthy but also maintain attractive skin.

These delicious raisins are great as a snack or as an ingredient in salads, oatmeal, cereal, trail mixes, and other dishes. Outstanding for baking or cooking.

Farmonics is providing the best quality of raisins at your doorstep in just a few clicks.


Jack Lalanne a nutrition expert once said: “Exercise is King. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom”. The earliest cultivation of raisins was dated eight thousand years ago in Anatolia, Turkey. Kishmish arrived in India around three thousand three hundred years ago. It is said that the technique of drying fruits was realized by accident, and it is said that in the olden days some people came across a fallen fruit that was dried up in the sun and after eating it discovered its sweetness.  Unlike chocolates, Kishmish provides a broad range of health benefits. They are easy to store and move around, and non-perishable, they are available throughout the year and can be easily added to other foods.  We at Farmonics provide the best quality of Kishmish online, buy the best quality of Kishmish online. 

Types of Raisins

There are different varieties of Raisins available all over the world, but among them, only a small number of raisins are available commercially.

 Black Raisins

Black raisins are the common variety of raisins, they are made of black grapes which are dried for three weeks in the sun. They are a good source of nutrients, fiber, and energy. They are good for oral health, they reduce bad cholesterol, improve energy levels, and reduce acidity and heartburn. You buy your raisins online on Farmonics.

Green Raisins

Green raisins are long and slim. They are made by drying green grapes and are chewy and a little dense. While cooking they can absorb flavors from other dishes and are sweet and tangy in taste. They are a good source of fiber and antioxidants. They also contain no fat or cholesterol.

Kandhari Raisins

Kandhari raisins are grown in Afghanistan. They are made by drying green grapes, they help regulate blood pressure and help in weight loss, boost immunity, prevent bad breath, and aids in digestion. Buy your Kandahari raisins online on Farmonics.  

Golden Raisins

These raisins are made from a variety of seedless grapes, this has a different processing method, instead of drying it in the sun they are dried inside a dehydrator. They help relieve constipation, prevent anemia, protect teeth, and lower the risk of cancer and heart disease. 

Benefits of Kishmish

They say dried fruit is equal to fresh food with reduced water content. Kishmish provides a wealth of nourishment and is recommended for daily food intake. They are an important source of antioxidants, fiber, and potassium. Raisins contain phytochemicals that help in fighting bacteria in our mouth and prevent cavity and gum disease. They also contain boron which helps to improve bone health. They are naturally sweet and low in the glycaemic index due to the presence of polyphenols and tannins. Recent studies state that Kishish contains fructan, a type of fiber that absorbs cholesterol. It suggested that daily consumption of kishmish reduces bad Cholesterol.

Best way to take Raisins

Although raisins can be eaten raw, soaking them overnight helps the vitamins to dissolve vitamins and minerals in the outer skin which helps the body to absorb them faster.


Raisins can be added with different variations as an ingredient along with meat, eggs, or vegetables.    


A sweet pudding made of rice and milk, raisins can be added with cardamom and nuts which can be enjoyed during any festival.

Raisin bread

For as long as people have been baking bread, bakers have made raisin bread, we can also add a cinnamon swirl to improve the taste of bread.

Raisin bread

Raisins can also be backed with flatbread naan, combined with flour, baking powder, and pulses.

Raisin oatmeal

Prunes, apples, and a cinnamon dress up along with raisins make an extra nutritious and delicious breakfast.

 Uses of kishmish

Kishmish provides more than just flavor, kishmish provides bakers a natural way to preserve their product as it contains propionic acid, Kishmish also contains tartaric acid which enhances the flavor and reduces the requirement for salt. Kishmish can also be used as a flavor enhancer, which adds flavor and texture to the food. Most of the barbeque sauces today combine kishmish paste or kishmish juice concentrate with tomato sauce, soy sauce, and vinegar enhances the taste of the dishes. So what are you waiting for? buy your best quality Kishmish online on Farmonics.


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