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Sama Chaval

Sama Chaval

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 Samak, Samo, Vari, Bhagar, Upwas Food Consistency in Taste, Aroma, and Quality. No Preservatives or Added Colors.

Cleanly packaged. without any chemicals, pesticides, or artificial substances. So give Classic Harvest products a try and enjoy the uniqueness!

Samo rice has good nutrition and is full of easily absorbed fibre, minerals, and vitamins.

VedaFoods, which contains Samo Rice, will help you feel satisfied for longer because of its high fibre content, which will enable you to eat less and help you regulate your portion sizes and lose weight.

Samak Chaval is a good substitute for rice in the Navratri diet.

It is a fruit, not a cereal. It is the seed of an Echinochloa colonum grass, which is a common weed in rice paddies.

In fact, you can consume it during any spiritual fast. Samo rice and Samak rice are other names for it.

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